It is not only just the uniformity of words but also the consistency in a brand language which showcases the same ideology every time and do not deviate from the personality of the brand.

Voice helps you understand the personality of the person. For example, Michael Scott says "Hug it out, bitch!" We understand that he is caring and wants to forgive Dwight but secretly he was also a little angry with him. There are many other examples like that.

The choice of words always makes an impression in front of others. The kind of impression you want to keep in front of the users sets the voice of a brand along with the personality the brand has.

Zoom Voice

When we connect with our user on multiple mediums like product, customer support or 1-1 interaction, we prioritise our voice to be useful for them, and also

  • Understandable

  • Concise

  • Sensitive

  • Humorous

  • Optimistic

  • Exciting

Things to remember

  • To be concise; do not give up on the meaning

  • To be empathetic; do not become over-expressive

  • To be friendly; do not cross the boundaries

  • To be transparent; do not become insensitive

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